Laminate Flooring

A more durable alternative to hardwood

What Is Laminate?

laminate flooring Nashville, TN

McCalls Carpet One is your one-stop-shop when it comes to flooring, so naturally we offer a great selection of laminate flooring. What exactly is laminate? To put it plainly, laminate is a more resistant alternative to hardwood flooring.

Laminate flooring is able to combine wood looks with premium wear resistance because of its layered construction. The top layer, which is referred to as the wear layer, protects from scratches and scuffs better than regular wood surfaces. The wear layer is transparent, which is great because the next layer, called the decorative layer, includes a high definition image of real wood. This decorative layer provides laminate with its natural appearance. It’s also worth noting that with some higher-end laminate styles, the wear layer can be textured to match the decorative layer.

The final two layers are the core and base layers. The core layer provides extra support against foot traffic, while the base layer adds stability against moisture. With these two layers, laminate planks will rarely crack or buckle from external pressure, and they will not expand or contract when exposed to moisture. Laminate, however, is not always the best option for kitchens and bathrooms, but it definitely performs better than hardwood.

To learn more about laminate flooring, be sure to visit our Nashville, TN store today. We offer a selection of quality laminate brands and styles, including various laminate wood flooring styles.