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McCalls Carpet One in Nashville offers COREtec flooring options such as COREtec Plus as part of our luxury vinyl flooring selection. COREtec is one of the most popular luxury vinyl options because it combines natural looks with premium performance.

COREtec was the first, and remains the most popular, luxury vinyl floor with a strong rigid core. This rigid core, which is referred to as the core structure, provides exceptional dimensional stability to each plank and tile. More importantly, the core structure is water resistant, so COREtec is considered 100% waterproof. It can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and other areas where hardwood cannot be installed. With this core structure, COREtec is certainly one of the best-performing flooring options for home settings.

In addition, COREtec Plus flooring options have an attached cork underlayment. This cork underlayment provides some extra comfort underfoot, and it also does well to muffle the sounds of noisy foot traffic. So, COREtec Plus is more comfortable and quieter underfoot than hardwood, laminate, and tile.

Our COREtec Options

COREtec One

COREtec One is the original COREtec flooring option. It has the waterproof core structure, and it is available in a variety of wood and tile looks.

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COREtec Plus

COREtec Plus has the same core structure as COREtec One, but it has the attached cork underlayment. COREtec Plus is available in plank and tile sizes, and it has a registered embossed surface for authentic textures.

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COREtec Plus XL

Like COREtec Plus, COREtec Plus XL has the core structure and the cork underlayment. It, however, is available in 9’x72” planks, so it’s perfect for large settings.

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