Beaulieu Vinyl Plank

Quality vinyl flooring that's capable of standing up to busy households

Reliable Vinyl Plank Flooring

vinyl plank flooring Nashville, TN

At McCalls Carpet One, we offer a great selection of resilient flooring options such as luxury vinyl. Luxury vinyl is perfect for any room in the home, regardless of foot traffic, moisture, or any other environmental impacts. One of our featured luxury vinyl brands is Beaulieu of America.

Beaulieu offers multiple luxury vinyl flooring options, including Bliss. Bliss is a reliable vinyl plank option that is made to replicate the looks of real hardwood or stone. But, since Bliss has a luxury vinyl construction, it is certainly more durable and more resistant than hardwood and stone. Bliss, for example, has a strong top layer that functions as a coating for the surface. This top layer includes aluminum oxide, and it protects against scratches and scuffs much better than a regular hardwood or stone finish. Additionally, Beaulieu Bliss features a unique treatment so that its appearance does not fade away even in direct light. As a result, Bliss vinyl plank flooring not only looks like wood or stone; it will hold these looks for a long time.

Unlike other luxury vinyl manufacturers, Beaulieu rigorously tests is luxury vinyl plank to ensure quality and consistency. In fact, all Beaulieu luxury vinyl floors, including Bliss, are Beaulieu Lab Certified. What does this entail? Floors that are Beaulieu Lab Certified are free from harmful chemicals and feature an antimicrobial treatment to combat mold and mildew. Also, these certified floors are made to withstand heat and moisture.

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