Quality carpet that will stand up to anything life throws its way

Dependable Stain Resistance

STAINMASTER carpet Nashville, TN

When choosing a new carpet, one of the most important considerations is stain resistance. Homeowners, especially those with children and pets, want to be sure to choose a new carpet that will stand up to whatever life has to offer. We at McCall’s Carpet One are therefore excited about our selection of STAINMASTER carpet. STAINMASTER is without a doubt one of the biggest names in stain resistance. What makes STAINMASTER so great? Here are some of its key differentiators:

Type 6,6 Nylon Fiber

STAINMASTER carpets are made from ultra-durable type 6,6 nylon fibers. These fibers have a tight molecular structure, so they are extremely difficult to stain. Plus, the fibers offer outstanding appearance retention even in high traffic areas because they average about 5.3 twists per inch. With these extra twists, the fibers are unlikely to ever crush. The type 6,6 fibers also resist most spills, so even soaked-in spills can be removed.

Exclusive Stain Treatment

All STAINMASTER carpets are applied with STAINMASTER’s exclusive stain treatment. This treatment is chemically bonded with heat, so it will never wash off over time. In fact, the stain treatment is considered permanent, so it never will need to be reapplied.

Lotus FX Fiber Shield

Many STAINMASTER carpets feature the Lotus FX Fiber Shield. This fiber shield prevents soil from sticking to the carpet’s surface, and it also stops liquids from being absorbed into the surface. Consequently, soil can be vacuumed and liquids can be wiped. The Lotux FX Fiber Shield keeps STAINMASTER carpets about 30% cleaner than average carpets.

Anti-Static Technology

Although this doesn’t always come to mind, carpets can be havens for static electricity. STAINMASTER carpets, however, have special carbon filaments that act like lightning rods to draw charges away. This greatly reduces static electricity and therefore keeps your carpet relatively safe to the touch.

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