Tempur-Pedic Carpet Cushion

Extra softness and comfort from Tempur-Pedic

Carpet Cushion

Tempur Pedic Nashville, TN

When you look and feel carpet, it’s easy to only notice the surface. Carpet’s surface is stylish, textured, and soft, and it is truly what makes carpet different from all other flooring types. But, what is also important is what lies underneath.  Carpet padding, which is installed directly underneath the surface, provides additional strength, durability, and comfort. It can also help ensure that a carpet remains clean, since many paddings offer stain and water resistance.  

Tempur Pedic, hands-down the biggest name in comfort, is best known for its mattresses and pillows. But, Tempur Pedic is also found in seats, slippers, and, you guessed it, carpet paddings. Tempur Pedic offers a carpet padding, or a carpet cushion, that provides a carpet with supreme softness and comfort. With the Tempur Pedic carpet cushion, the carpet will be soft underfoot and easy to walk on, even with bare feet!  

The cushion also provides additional durability with a moisture barrier, a dust barrier, and an antimicrobial treatment. These features help keep the carpet allergen-free and also protect against mold and mildew. The carpet will not only be soft, but it will be strong, stable, and clean as well.  

Visit McCall’s Carpet One in Nashville, TN to check out Tempur Pedic’s carpet cushion first-hand. See how the cushion adds softness and durability to any carpet, and then work with our carpet experts to add Tempur Pedic to your new carpet!